Simula Consulting helping SMEs to unlock the data potential

Simula Consulting growth strategy was presented in the recent ComputerWorld edition. In the article, Valeriya Naumova, Director of Simula Consulting, talks about our services and where did we get the largest traction. One of the services we are very proud to provide is related to technical due diligence. 

Technical due diligence is becoming an essential part of the due diligence process – and is now standard procedure in most Merger and Acquisitions (M&A).

The proscess aims to assess seller’s technology to identify key capabilities, risks and costs that have a material impact on the company’s value and investment capital.
At Simula Consulting this is a service in strong growth and we now have several competent teams that regularly perform Tech DD on behalf of existing and new clients.

Our clients come from VCs, M&A advisers and other corporate environments who need an external review from a trusted third party.