We are Growing!

Simula Consulting continues to grow! We are already seven and plan to grow to fifteen in 2022.

We would like to welcome three new colleagues: Elias Myklebust, Uladzislau Lazouski (Vlad), and Omar Richardson who joined Simula this autumn!

Elias has a background in applied physics and mathematics with top grades from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). His thesis focused on applying optimal control theory for finding optimal marine fishing strategies.Elias has experience in data quality and information management and industrial ontologies from DNV.
Elias extends our competence in statistical machine learning and optimal control.

Vlad has a background in simulation and visualisation from NTNU with a focus on computer vision. Vlad has solid experience in software development from Currence Robotics and wheel.me.
Vlad strengthens our competence in computer vision and visualisation domains.

Omar has a background in Applied Mathematics, and recently finished his PhD studies at Karlstad University in Sweden. He has experience from consulting work as an independent consultant, and recently worked with Simula Research Laboratory as a key contributor to JupyterHub and Jupyter-related projects.
Omar extends and strengthens our expertise in data analysis, visualisation and interactive software development.