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Valeriya Naumova

  • PhD in applied mathematics from Austrian Academy of Sciences.
  • 10 years’ experience in machine learning and applied mathematics.
  • significant experience in management of machine learning-related projects.

“As a data scientist and director of Simula Consulting, I spend every day working to bring to life the promise of deep tech. It’s ambitious work that is helping build a bridge between academia, where new softwares and technologies are being conceptualized and developed, and the rest of society.”

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Magnus Axelsson

Data Scientist
  • PhD in physics from University of Oslo.
  • 15+ years experience in solving business problems using advanced data analytics and machine learning.
  • focus on end-to-end data science; from scoping and planning to model development and deployment.

“I have gathered enough observations to understand what works and what doesn’t when applying statistical methods to data analysis, and especially for data science projects. Being proficient in a small subset of the skills required to be a great data scientist is a good start, but this field is inherently multi-disciplinary. Also, study and get good at the basics, e.g., error analysis and diagnostics. That has always been useful to me.”

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Matthias Boeker

Data Scientist
  • Master in industrial engineering from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.
  • passion for quantitative analysis, statistics and especially time series analysis.
  • experience with natural language processing and video analysis.

“It is great to witness the journey of ambitious young tech companies and help them leverage their Machine Learning and Deep learning applications. During my studies in the interdisciplinary field of industrial engineering, I developed a passion for quantitative analysis, statistics and especially time series analysis.”

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Omar Richardson

Data Scientist
  • PhD in applied mathematics from Karlstad University.
  • experience with various software development and a core contributor to JupyterHub project.
  • hands-on with a fondness for data, simulations, gaining and sharing knowledge.

“R&D runs best when experts across disciplines share and collaborate. By adhering to the best practices in computational science and open source technology, we push the boundaries of the state-of-the-art.”

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Elias Myklebust

Data Scientist
  • Master in applied physics and mathematics from NTNU.
  • passion for mathematical analysis and proofs.
  • experience in data quality and information management, industrial ontologies and semantic technology.

“After having studied mathematics and statistics in university, it is inspiring to see the wide range of fields in which machine learning and AI can be applied in the real world. A theoretical foundation helps me adjust my approach to a specific use case.”


Magnus Heskestad Waage

Data Engineer
  • PhD in computational physics from NTNU.
  • 10+ years experience  in improving and maintaining legacy software.
  • focus on producing readable and maintainable software.

“A frequent challenge with producing scientific software is that immediate results are prioritized over long term code maintenance. Working at Simula Consulting, it is wonderful to see the emphasis that is placed on both producing high quality code, as well as delivering results efficiently.”

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Uladzislau Lazouski

Software Engineer
  • Master in simulation and visualisation from NTNU.
  • passion for applying advances from computer vision and machine learning to real-life challenges.
  • in-depth experience within robotics and
    computer vision.

“Software engineering is easy, apart from the moments when you want to make something new. Then it becomes intricate. But the only software that is worth making is one that does something new. It is incredible to be able to engage in solving such puzzles and observe the impact of putting them in operation.”

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