Simula Consulting provides high-quality R&D consulting services in five core competence areas of Simula Research Laboratory: scientific computing, software engineering, communication systems, machine learning, and cybersecurity.

​Simula Consulting is born of opportunity. As a daughter company of the Simula Group, it expands on industrial contacts and a consulting concept already tested within Simula itself.

Our services are delivered by international experts and researchers from the nationally-lauded ICT institution.

What We Do

Technology development

From algorithm design and software testing to conceptualization and development; system optimization to high-performance computing, our services can be tapped as your organization’s on-call research and development team.

Data analytics

Using state-of-the-art machine learning methods and tailored algorithms, we help clients maximise the potential of existing data.

Technology due diligence

We help clients in making right investment decisions by providing essential intelligence onto technical risks, strengths and opportunities of the technology they plan to acquire.

Tailored courses

Through tailored courses, we help business leaders discover what machine learning and deep tech can do for their organizations. We offer courses like Crash Course in Machine Learning and Jupyter Notebook to executives, tech professionals–anyone interested in growing their understanding of machine learning.

Our Core Competency

Machine Learning

We provide advanced data analytics of domain-agnostic complex datasets. We design tools with optimal performance for available computational resources and data.

Network & Communication Systems

We assess the robustness and reliability of digital infrastructures and software systems. We provide analysis of the system’s security from inside out, based on best practices and secure solutions throughout the system lifecycle.

Scientific Computing

We gain fundamental insights into complex physical processes using numerical methods combined with advanced simulation tools. We utilise latest high-performance computing technology, both on-prem and in the cloud.

Software Engineering

We maximise the quality of complex software systems: the elegance, stability, testability, efficiency and the security of the software system. We provide tools for efficient testing of generic software systems, incl. cyber-physical systems, embedded systems.

How We Work

Success-Driven Customised Partnerships


We begin by listening: whatever challenge, our solutions are designed and customised for your needs.


We design innovative and efficient deep tech solutions tailored to your needs, based on a profound problem understanding. Having access to the minds of more than 150 highly-qualified international experts at Simula, we assemble an optimal team for every task.


Our approach is practical, outcome-driven, and focused on quality and timely delivery. We provide a seamless, simple and, agile experience as we develop your solution.

Deliver & Support

We care deeply about your experience of our services and the impact our collaboration brings to you. We assure the quality of our services, provide a follow-up support, and regularly evaluate, review and refine our approach as our partnership develops.